About Us:
We are a social group of recreational kayakers, who enjoy a leisurely paddle. We kayak in lakes, rivers and estuaries within the Shoalhaven district of Southern NSW. We paddle each Thursday, trips consisting of a 3 to 4 hour journey interrupted by an hours break, where we cook and devour our culinary delights.

Anyone is welcome to paddle with us. We are not a club and do not carry any form of insurance, we are a group of like minded people who meet each week for a social paddle. Information is provided on this site so that kayakers can see when and where they can meet up with other paddlers.

Each person needs to assess themselves and be confident they are capable of safely completing any trip they plan to undertake. We ask that all paddlers wear a PFD and abide by waterways rules.

Narrawallee Inlet
Shoalhaven River
St Georges Basin
Swan Lake
Tabourie Lake
Termeil Lake
Tuross Lake
Willinga Lake
Wollumboula Lake
Usefull Links:
Ulladulla Forecast (BOM)
Weather Radar (BOM)
Ulladulla Tides
NSW River Heights
NSW Roads & Maritime
NSW Boating Maps
Wild Coast Magazine
Eurobodalla Kayakers
Sea Eagles

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